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Renner Sayerlack

Renner Sayerlack S.A
Av. Jordano Mendes, 1500 - Empresarial Paineira
Cajamar - SP- Brazil - ZIP 07776-015
Phone: +55 (11) 2117-9000
Fax: +55 (11) 2117-9009

Renner Sayerlack is the largest and most specialized wood coating company in Latin America. It has 40 years of experience, study and commitment to the development of products and processes to embellish, protect and maintain wood surfaces.

Renner Sayerlack industrial plant in Cajamar, SP, BrazilRenner Sayerlack industrial plant in Cajamar, SP, Brazil

New-generation equipment and capable professionals are the key to elaborate formulas and colors to satisfy our clients’ needs. The concept of quality has always been present along the history of the company. The products are continuously analyzed in laboratories and are rigorously tested, what makes Renner Sayerlack a leading company in the Brazilian wood coating segment, with over 50% of the market share.

Using technology to preserve the environment is also a concern of the company. With the technology acquired, Renner Sayerlack has developed products to transform pinus into a much more durable wood, stronger than native forests, combining knowledge with environmental responsibility.

Renner Sayerlack industrial plant in Santiago, Chile Renner Sayerlack industrial plant in Santiago, Chile

With its complete product catalogue Renner Sayerlack S.A. provides solutions for industrial, professional and decorative lines. It offers sealers, varnishes, dyes, removers, wood layers and other products for protecting and embellishing wood. Authorized branches and distributors throughout Brazil and other Latin American countries make of Renner Sayerlack an agile company, present in all segments of the timber industry.


The Brazilian unit of Renner Sayerlack S.A. is located in Cajamar/SP, 32 km away from São Paulo. Built in an industrial park of 65 thousand m², Renner Sayerlack has laboratories, product application centers and research units. The investments on advanced equipment allow the constant improvement of more than 9 thousand products specific for wood.


Sayerlack was founded in 1968, in São Paulo / SP. In 1980, due to its growth in the market and its several timber products, the company becomes part of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group.

In 2001 the company changes its name to Renner Sayerlack S.A. In 2007 Renner Global Alliance is created to coordinate and improve the operations of Renner Sayerlack throughout the world. The company was solidified by the alliance and currently acts with synergy in many foreign countries, such as the United States, Italy, Chile, Mexico and Spain.

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Renner Herrmann S.A.


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The companies of the Renner Herrmann S.A. group develop social programs with focus on quality of life, respect for the environment, and social commitment.



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